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Encaustic Painter. Contemportary Artist. Visionary. 


Dania Al-Obaidi is an artist living and teaching art in Toronto, Ontario. Her work is heavily influenced by the richness and beauty of both old and new world flare.

She studied Fine Arts at Baghdad University and has continued further training in Canada alongside extensive exhibitions in North America and internationally.

Throughout her childhood, Dania Al-Obaidi viewed the world differently. She saw everyday things as if they were pieces of art. She always felt a need to draw out her emotions on whatever she could get her hands on. Colours looked more vivid, and the world looked more bright.

Her most notable and favourable work is abstract painting. She uses an intense combination of materials and colours in her work. Dania Al-Obaidi believes that an artists’ work should come from within a person through a lifetime of acquired skills and the wonders of experiences.  Only then can an art speak for itself.  

She prefers using the properties of encaustic wax painting as the choice of expression on wood and different mediums. Encaustic attracted her as the medium comes from ancient times, and has a layer of history for every layer of wax. She manipulates mixed media on canvas, wood, and handmade paper from time to time.

Her goal is to make an emotional and inspirational connection with her work.

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